We have created the best yet way to manage ALL your business communication in one place.

Team Management is a cloud based contact centre management software, providing enterprise grade communication abilities which enable: web-chat, email, voice calls, SMS and social media communications to be operated within a single centralised platform. Our product is built focusing to optimise Workforce Management and to deliver the best Customer Experience.

We provide consistency in all communications, as all covering systems and databases are integrated into a single, centrally managed environment, to deliver Omnichannel experience.

All channels in one place is a must to deliver exceptional customer experience.

Most companies use several communication channels to communicate with their customers across different company’s departments. Team Management connects all the channels and holds all customer communication history in one place, so your employees know everything about your customer and can deliver best CX.

All channels in one place


Covering Inbound and Outbound calling, for support and new sales. Many functions to automate class, extensive reporting tools.


All incoming emails automatically assigned to an agent, emails from different departments are organised to a single window, to have a clear client history.


Allowing you to accept communications from your website and enabling agents to initiate further conversations for a better sales conversion.


For an innovative customer journey, we provide new tools of communication through social networks, that enables better customer experience.

The most efficient workforce management through advanced analytics tools

Our system is developed to help you monitor the activity of your Agents to the highest detail, wether your agent goes for a smoke, or takes a cup of coffee - it will be visible in your Team Leaders live dashboard as well as it will become visible data, with all other success and failure metrics in your company charts produced by Team Management.

The performance of your agents is also enhanced with automated scheduling functions - the system takes incoming conversations, wether by chat, or by voice and assigns it automatically to available agents, thus ensuring the agent is always occupied. If the agent is away for too long, the system automatically logs him out, ensuring accurate reporting and correct scheduling with no frustration from your customers.

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DIGITAL CAPABILITY that is based on close attention to the design of the customer journey, which will ensure greater personalisation.

Our Solutions

All in one communications system to effectively manage your existing clients and acquire new ones, together with the most efficient workforce and business management tools.

"You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards."

Steve JobsApple, Inc


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