Outbound calls for Sales & Marketing

5 different calling types:
Manual, semi manual, automatic, preview and predictive dialer.

Log all sales orders on call & agent commission management


Log all your sales orders during the call to our built in CRM. Your agents can get bonus commission from sales they made. Make even more calls with predictive dialer. One study showed that predictive dialers can improve agent productivity by 400%. They have also been shown to increase agent utilization from 40 minutes per hour to 57 minutes per hour.


Marketing Surveys & Manuscript tools


Make surveys during the call with our intelligent survey tool, add brancing and multiple choices for your flexible surveys. Use built in manuscript tool to improve your agents call performance.


Automatic SMS & Email after the call

Select call ending reason that send emails or text messages automatically to your customers after the call. These follow up messages greatly improves conversion rate of your sales and overall customer experience.


Sales acceleration tools

Scripts, big screen gamification, agent matchmaking, intelligent list and lead handling, agent goals and rewards… all seamlessly integrated.


Smart campaigns

Configure agent and campaign-specific workflows in seconds, including automatic dialer modes, products, ordering, rewards and commission management, on call intelligent survey tools, QA, data handling and more.

More time. Better lead conversion


  • Automatic dialing of contact lists
  • Never miss a customer call with automated callback popups and callback log systems
  • Call context within the contact record
  • Better call connections
  • Faster lead follow ups
  • Increase leads for your sales funnel
  • Better lead targeting for selected agents
  • Increase in high performers
  • Faster ramp
  • Faster campaign ROI.

Greater efficiency


  • Fewer clicks of intuitive design and pre-selected agent workflow
  • Duplicate tasks elimination
  • Quicker access to specialized resources
  • Faster access to information
  • Better data for processes
  • Always call your hottest lead
  • Prioritization on important tasks
  • Never miss a customer call with click to call back
  • Call recording means smart coaching is easier and faster
  • Insightful dashboards, updated in real-time

Ease and flexibility of deployment


  • Minimal effort to implement and maintain
  • Scalable & fully-customizable with any sales cycle
  • Agents and Reps can be anywhere
  • Use of multiple types of endpoints
  • PCI DSS compliant
  • No additional voice boards or equipment required to handle calls, emails, web chats, callbacks and generic objects
  • Stringent data protection

Quality control - listen to call recordings and real time conversations, and record deals. Our Voice Receipt QA tools ensure your QA process is locally and regionally compliant.

Why choose us?

Unmatched Performances

Team Management speed of delivering the call to an agent, or a procedure such as leaving a recorded message, is the fastest in the industry.

Answering Machine Detecting

Increase number of called contacts with automated messaging options for answering machines. The systems automatically leaves a custom voice message on answering machines and route inbound return phone calls to the same agents.

Time Zone & Do Not Call List

Auto-time zone adjustments allowed call time frame and based on the area code of the number you are dialing, to auto-adjust the time frame. better yet, 100% Do-Not-Call list Protection.

Call-back and Appointment Setting

Access to sophisticated calling features. Agents can schedule agent-specific or general call-backs or manage appointment setting. For general call-backs.

List & Campaign Management

Load, filter, and assign lists and campaigns in advance so that new programs or lists can begin dialing automatically, without supervisor intervention.

Call ending reasons after a call

Agents select call ending reason after a call. This function gives deeper insights into data analytics. Call ending reasons also could perform functions such as automatic email or text message sending to client you spoke with.

Digital video monitoring and call recording

Improve performances and the quality by monitoring and evaluating agent interactions.

Automated broadcast

Phone tool capable of quickly delivering thousands of individually customised phone messages. You can also let Customers respond or be transfered to a live agent.

Intuitive Agent Desktop

Single Sign-on - Custom Call Scripting - Simply Powerful - Agents & supervisors love the simplicity and advanced features - Manage calls, email, Tweet, SMS, fax & chat interactions through a single interface.

CTI Screen Pops

Push customer information to the agent desktop. Real-time information. Increases agents efficiency and customer satisfaction by saving processing time and providing agents with complete customer interaction history.

Seamless CRM Integrations

Integrates with systems like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, other third-party CRM systems are supported through a simple and powerful API.

Inside chat for Team Management agents

Agents can communicate together using built in chat feature.

Callbacks & Meetings set

Set callbacks & meetings private or public. Admin can set a function that freezes agents work if they receive have a pending callback for that time. Callbacks can be made directly from callback list.

Real-time Performance Reporting

Advanced reporting and easy-to-use administration interface lets you manage and track your campaigns. Monitor your KPIs and valuable metrics in real time from anywhere.

Configuration Manager

You won't need any IT help to make changes instantly online on Team Management system. Agents, Supervisors & Administrators are able to make all the complex telecommunications and IT configurations on Team Management within a matter of minutes.

Agent Occupancy Rate

Our predictive dialer software automatically filters out answering machines, busy signals, disconnected calls, and fax machines - connect your agents only to live answers.

PCI-DSS Compliant

Highest security standards protects against credit card frauds


See what your agents have planned in their calendar. Callbacks, meetings, tasks.

The Benefits of Team Management Contact Centre

Agents activity time tracking

Activity time tracking lets you track time spent by each Agent supporting customers and thereby gain a deeper visibility on the overall agents activity performance. Create your own agents time tracking functions like lunch brake, smoke brake, after call work etc…

A Timeline of Customer Interaction

A Timeline of Customer Interaction History on Agent UI shows the important historical data of agents interaction including a call record, emails sent and other communication history from different channels. See a customer’s sales history within the company or a customer’s past interaction with support. This allows your agents to know everything about the customer and enhance your customer experience.

Custom fields

You can add custom fields to contact details and increase communication efficiency by increasing information about the contact.

The value for your Business:


  • A 360-degree view of the customer
  • All employees know previous communication made with the customer
  • Omni-channel capabilities
  • Improves agent productivity and guide them through complex cases
  • Eliminates time-consuming application switching
  • Helps increase first caler resolution and improves customer satisfaction
  • Ensures quality and compliance measures are achieved
  • Reduces average handling times
  • Achieve faster response, delivery and resolution times
  • Reduces training agent times
  • Reduces costs of software investment
  • Boost employee productivity & workforce management
  • Customer satisfaction management
  • improve sales performance

Our Solutions

All in one communications system to effectively manage your existing clients and acquire new ones, together with the most efficient workforce and business management tools.

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