Analytics & Business Management

Manage your agents, assign them to agent groups, set work hours, objectives and channels they support.

Over 200 historical reports, interactive real time dashboards, sales tracking, call-surveys


Team Management helps you capture and capitalise on big data within and across your enterprise. Team Management shows you everything about your customer and your employees performance. Real-time and historical end-to-end insights into the customer journey, the customer experience, and your agents operational performance translate to you making best-informed decisions and having best possible outcomes using Team Management business analytics.


Workforce Management

Workforce Management plays an essential in every business. Having great insight into strategic workforce planning and performance analysis. Evaluating all communication channels evaluating key statistics such as interaction volume and average handle time for future forecasting and workforce management. All agent information such as work time and all assigned skills, best communication practices are stored in one place to effectively manage your organisation work.

Gain Competitive Advantage

In todays world customers are seeking for high end customer support experiences. Executives and organisations should strive to get everything they can out of their agents and effectively manage them to achieve high end customer support for your customers. The bottom line is that optimising contact centre and call centre performance will help to develop a competitive advantage as agent productivity is improved, customers’ needs are proactively met, customer experience increased, sales revenues are increased.

Get real-time access to your agent schedule adherence, performance rates, KPIs, and all of your most valued reporting data and metrics. Customise your metrics and use our intuitive performance dashboard to know even smallest details abut your organisation performance.

The Most Efficient Workforce Management - through advanced analytics tools.

Contact Center Analytics help you to:


  • Quickly identify significant trends in how you are serving your customers using detailed reports and dashboards.
  • Filter out what’s unnecessary and focus on the things that are impacting your customers’ experiences.
  • Identify high performing agents and those who need coaching or assistance.
  • Detect performance anomalies to catch issues before they become widespread.
  • Know what are the most common problems your customers are facing.
  • Stay on top of your team’s performance, no matter where they are.
  • Create custom reports that help you see what is important to your business.

Dashboards for Instant Insights


Our highly visual and intuitive dashboards give you instant understanding of contact centre performance. Powerful tools show you what is going well and where you need to focus resources to improve your customer experience.

Automated reports by email


Auto schedule custom reports to be sent to individual or multiple email addressed on fully customizable time frames.

The Benefits of Team Management Contact Centre

Agents activity time tracking

Activity time tracking lets you track time spent by each Agent supporting customers and thereby gain a deeper visibility on the overall agents activity performance. Create your own agents time tracking functions like lunch brake, smoke brake, after call work etc…


A Timeline of Customer Interaction

A Timeline of Customer Interaction History on Agent UI shows the important historical data of agents interaction with a call record, emails sent and other information. Inclusive of number of call attempts and the end result of each call. See a customer’s sales history within the company or a customer’s past interaction with support. This allows your agents to know everything about the customer and enhance your customer experience.


Custom fields

You can add custom fields to contact details and increase communication efficiency by increasing information about the contact.

The value for your Business:


  • A 360-degree view of the customer
  • All employees know previous communication made with the customer
  • Omni-channel capabilities
  • Improves agent productivity and guide them through complex cases
  • Eliminates time-consuming application switching
  • Helps increase first caler resolution and improves customer satisfaction
  • Ensures quality and compliance measures are achieved
  • Reduces average handling times
  • Achieve faster response, delivery and resolution times
  • Reduces training agent times
  • Reduces costs of software investment
  • Boost employee productivity & workforce management
  • Customer satisfaction management
  • improve sales performance

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All in one communications system to effectively manage your existing clients and acquire new ones, together with the most efficient workforce and business management tools.

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